Written in 2016, this series works to help equip participants in navigating the journey of drawing their loved one to the faith at the same time empowers them in their own spiritual life. 

There is a fear, and a guilt and a hurt that happens when a loved one stops practicing their Catholic Faith.   We not only try to equip people to have these conversations with their loved ones, but to give them some peace in the situation.  

Each night has a specific focus that utilizes a multitude of resources.  These nights work together to walk participants toward the path of true evangelization.  

Before Return, I thought it was my story to tell. Now I understand that it is my loved one’s story to share and it is my job first and foremost to listen.”
— Return Fall 2017 participant


Return Program Outline

7 sessions  

6:30-6:45pm: Welcoming/Hospitality
6:45-7:30pm: Speaker
7:30-8:00pm: Small Group Discussion
8:00-8:30pm: Prayer and Homework


“The most effective way to evangelize is to share the contagious joy of being a friend of Jesus Christ.”
— Bishop Robert Barron

Watch the video to hear from past participants!